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Some Recent Features of Brazil-China Economic Relations

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Some Recent Features of Brazil-China Economic Relations

Author: Baumann, Renato Physical Description: 22 páginas. Editorial: CEPAL, Oficina de Brasilia Date: April 2009 ECLAC symbol: LC/BRS/R.209


This paper shows that the Brazilian economic relations with China are intensifying at an unprecedented pace. This obviously brings about new challenges and opportunities. It is also shown that relations with specific provinces in China vary significantly, as illustrated by the available indicators for Shanghai, in comparison to other provinces. And last but not least, the paper has shown the rich recent experience of one Brazilian company that has benefited from the sharp increase of Chinese demand for raw material. This is a typical case of a new scenario for Brazilian firms, one where the firm has to learn how to flex its muscles as one of the major players in the international market, and in particular to learn in its dealing with its main client. The relationship between one of the major suppliers and the most active demander is of particular interest in itself.