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Economic and trade relations between Latin America and Asia Pacific: The link with China

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UN symbol.: LC/L.2959-P 107 p.: grafs., maps., tabls. Editorial: ECLAC October 2008


ECLAC submits this report to participants at the second China-Latin America Business Summit, in the hope that up-to-date and relevant information on the internationalization process unfolding in both China and Latin America, presented in a visual and easy-to-read form, will be useful in promoting public-private-partnership initiatives on various fronts, covering biregional trade and investment, trade facilitation and other biregional cooperation issues.

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China in the world and Latin American economies .-- Latin America and the Caribbean and the Asia-Pacific region in the world economy .-- Trade and investment links between the Latin American and Caribbean and Asia-Pacific region .-- De facto (market led) integration between Latin American and the Caribbean and Asia-Pacific region .-- De jure (government led) integration in and between the two regions.