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The impact of gender discrimination on poverty in Brazil

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The impact of gender discrimination on poverty in Brazil

Author: Monsueto, Sandro Eduardo - Simão, Rosycler Cristal Santos Physical Description: páginas. 141-154 Date: August 2008 ECLAC symbol: LC/G.2382-P


This paper analyses the effects of gender discrimination on povertyin Brazil between 1992 and 2001, using data obtained from the NationalHousehold Survey. A counterfactual distribution of per capita householdincome was estimated, based on a hypothetical scenario in which thelabour market pays equal wages to men and women in accordance withtheir qualifi cations. The results show that, when gender discrimination iseliminated, the percentage of poor persons tends to decline by an average of10%. Results were even more striking among the most vulnerable segmentsof the population, such as members of households headed by black womenwho lack a formal employment contract or union membership.