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In our collection of publications on Social Development, we address the most relevant topics for improving and sustaining social well-being. Explore crucial areas such as education, labor inclusion, and social institutionalization. We also study pensions and health, as well as social protection, childhood and adolescence. Our documents offer detailed analysis on youth, food security and nutrition, and people with disabilities. Additionally, we provide information on social investment and spending, among other essential topics. Through rigorous analysis and strategic recommendations, we offer a comprehensive platform for academics, policymakers, and anyone committed to social development. Highlighted topics: Education, Labor inclusion, Social institutionalization, Pensions, Health, Social protection, Childhood and adolescence, Youth, Food security and nutrition, People with disabilities, Social investment/spending.

Protección social
Salud y seguridad alimentaria y nutricional
Infancia, adolescencia y juventud
Inversión social
Pacto social
Panorama Social de América Latina
Documentos de proyecto
Personas con discapacidad
Inversión y Gasto social
Seguridad alimentaria y nutricional