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ECLAC Announces Decision to No Longer Collaborate on the CASEN Survey

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10 October 2012|Press Release

According to the United Nations agency, Chile has the institutional and technical maturity to carry out this process autonomously.

(10 October 2012) Today, the Deputy Executive Secretary of ECLAC, Antonio Prado, met with the Chilean Minister for Social Development, Joaquín Lavín, to discuss the participation of the United Nations agency in the country's National Socioeconomic Survey (CASEN).

At the meeting, which was held at the ECLAC headquarters in the Chilean capital, the senior international official informed Minister Lavín of the Commission's official position on this survey  managed by the Ministry for Social Development (MDS).

Following a process of institutional assessment, ECLAC informed the Ministry of its decision to  no longer collaborate on the next CASEN surveys to be carried out.

According to the Commission, since this survey began in 1987, Chile has achieved sufficient institutional and technical maturity to carry out the process independently, thereby rendering ECLAC's continued collaboration unnecessary.

At the same time, ECLAC declared that it was fully prepared to hand over all the information it has on the survey and carry out, if required, any necessary training to public or private institutions selected by the Ministry for Social Development.



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