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We invite you to send an abstract of your initiative to accelerate SDG 6 in Latin America and the Caribbean, and be a part of the ECLAC Regional Water Dialogues in January 2023

22 August 2022|Event

The third edition of the Regional Water Dialogues will be held in a hybrid way (face-to-face and virtual) in Santiago de Chile between January 18 and 20, 2023. The main theme will be to accelerate the compliance of SDG 6 and achieve a sustainable and inclusive transition for water.

The Regional Water Dialogues are a great opportunity to connect with experts, professionals, and decision makers in the field of water resources, being the perfect place to share the knowledge that the different organizations are generating in LAC.

Therefore, the event will include a space to present initiatives that contribute to the acceleration of SDG 6. These can come from the public, academic or private spheres, as well as from international organizations or NGOs. Specifically, the request points out towards actions and solutions that are being carried out in the Region, whether in terms of integrated water resources management, nature-based solutions, transboundary water management, adoption of the water, energy and food Nexus approach, promoting circular economies in water, gender and water inclusion, or increased resilience and adaptation to climate change.

If you are working or are part of one of them, we invite you to send a summary of the initiative of 700 words maximum, by October 15, to the email, indicating as subject "Brainstorming solutions: Title”.