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Industrial Ecology and Green Transformation

The goal of the meeting is to improve discussions about how the transformation of physical resources in modern society can contribute to address opportunities and challenges for sustainable development in Latin America. It also will contribute to strengthen an institutional network for the industrial ecology society.

Bogotá, Colombia - 25-27 May 2016


The ISIE venue will allow discussing the latest Industrial Ecology work by American and other world scholars, as well as search for ways to foster more sustainable industrial systems in Latin America’s emerging economies. Conference organizers include the UniAndes School of Management, which is a Latin America’s pioneer school addressing sustainable development management, and works closely with leading North American universities engaged in Industrial Ecology research. Also, the Yale University Center for Industrial Ecology, and the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC). Leading IE researchers from Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Chile and other Latin American countries will also be on hand.

25-27 May 2016
Meetings and technical symposiums
Universidad de Los Andes - Colombia
Edificio Mario Laserna Cra 1 Este No. 19A - 40
Bogotá CUN
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