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ECLAC programme of work and programme budgeting

ECLAC usually prepares its draft programme of work for the biennium in parallel with the strategic framework, albeit the content is broader and more detailed. The draft programme includes the main elements of the strategic framework, such as the logical framework, the thematic priorities and the strategies of each subprogramme, as well as an comprehensive list of outputs and activities related to the expected accomplishments for the biennium. The draft programme of work is put before the member States of the Commission for review and adoption at the session of ECLAC.

The strategic framework and the programme of work are then taken as the basis for preparing the ECLAC programme budget. Budget preparation begins more than a year before the programme of work is due for implementation, and consists in assigning human and financial resources to the different components of the programme. The sum of the financial resources to be allocated is decided in an intergovernmental negotiating process at the General Assembly, and is expressed in an indicative budget figure. This amount then becomes the budget ceiling for ECLAC, which must adjust its entire programme accordingly ahead of implementation.

A detailed draft of the programme budget is subjected to review by the specialized intergovernmental bodies of the General Assembly, including the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (ACABQ) and the Fifth Committee, before being adopted by the General Assembly. ECLAC receives most of its regular budget resources from the contributions of the Member States of the United Nations.