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WTO Thematic Session: Trade contributions to energy transition efforts concerning climate adaptation and mitigation

13 de novembro de 2023|Evento

How can trade and trade-related policy tools contribute to a just, climate resilient, low-carbon energy transition? Which goods, services and technologies can support efforts to increase the proportion of renewable sources in national energy mixes? · What trade-related measures have Members taken? What kind of approaches have worked? What are the specific opportunities and challenges faced by developing countries? · What is the WTO’s role in promoting these tools and providing an institutional framework? · From a business perspective, what are the main trade-related opportunities and challenges? What could governments do to support the transition?

Andres Valenciano, Director for the ECLAC Washington DC office, spoke at the Panel:

Panel discussion on trade contributions to energy transition
• Ms Araceli Fernandez Pales, Head of Technology Innovation Unit, IEA
• Mr Andres Valenciano Yamuni, Director for the Washington DC office, Economic
Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC)
• Ms An Qi, Associate Research Professor, Renewable Energy Development Research
Center, Energy Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Macroeconomic Research
• Ms Enja Sæthren, Head of Government Relations and Support Mechanisms, Scatec
• Mr James Irungu Mwangi, CEO, Africa Climate Ventures

Q&A and discussion by Members
• Members are invited to react to the presentations and respond to the guiding questions.

Closing remarks by moderators
• Ms Anna Vitie, Deputy Permanent Representative of Finland
• Ms Erika Watanabe Patriota, Deputy Permanent Representative of Brazil