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National energy efficiency monitoring report of Barbados

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National energy efficiency monitoring report of Barbados

Autor: Howard, Stacia Descripción física: 54 páginas. Editorial: ECLAC Data: janeiro 2020 Signatura: LC/TS.2019/72


The Energy Division of the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources of Barbados developed a database that allows for analysis of energy efficiency indicators and the impact of policies on trends in these indicators for different sectors of the country. This data will form the baseline of the energy efficiency campaign launched by the Energy Division and evidence-based policy development. In addition, this exercise is expected to strengthen the institutional capacity to collect, collate and analyse energy efficiency data.
This report analyses the information collected for the main sectors of the country, including energy, industry, transportation, agriculture and services, as well as households, and explains the energy efficiency trends in Barbados for the period from 2000 to 2017.


Introduction .-- I. Background on energy in Barbados .-- II. Energy consumption .-- III. Energy efficiency .-- IV. Energy efficiency trends in energy sector .-- V. Energy efficiency trends in households sector .-- VI. Energy efficiency trends in transport sector .-- VII. Energy efficiency trends in industry sector .-- VIII. Energy efficiency trends in services sector .-- IX. Energy efficiency trends in agriculture sector .-- X. Conclusions.