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A new frontier for Caribbean convergence: integration without borders

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A new frontier for Caribbean convergence: integration without borders

Autor: Dookeran, Winston Descripción física: 25 páginas. Editorial: ECLAC, Subregional Headquarters for the Caribbean Data: abril 2014 Signatura: LC/CAR/W.6


Today, forty years since its birth, the Caribbean integration has reached its limit.1 2 Consequently, there is urgent need to respond to the current realities and emerging global trends — which require greater engagement from the public, students, academics and policymakers — in moving the Caribbean Community towards a new trajectory of Caribbean convergence. The immediate concern is to devise ways of improving the convergence process among Latin American and Caribbean countries. This convergence process will have to be sensitive to both current and emerging global dynamics.
This paper presents the roadmap of a new trajectory towards Caribbean convergence, sensitive to both current and emergent regional and global trends. It begins in Section I by identifying the emerging international political and economic trends that provide a backdrop against which the discussion on Caribbean convergence is squarely placed. Section II discusses the need for a new strategy of convergence, and provides the conceptual framework of Caribbean convergence. Section III spells out the pillars, strategies and delivery mechanisms of Caribbean convergence, and highlights the role of Trinidad and Tobago in this process. The paper concludes by pointing out the urgent need for a regional synergy of economic logic and political logic.


.--I. Introduction.--II. Trends in international political economy.--III. Strategy for convergence.--IV. Drilling down for development.--