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Assessment of strategies for linking the damage and loss assessment methodology to the post-disaster needs assessment

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Assessment of strategies for linking the damage and loss assessment methodology to the post-disaster needs assessment

Autor: Robinson, Jamell - Phillips, Willard Descripción física: 40 páginas. Editorial: ECLAC, Subregional Headquarters for the Caribbean Data: agosto 2014 Signatura: LC/CAR/W.8


This report was prepared at the request of the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) with support from the Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility (CCRIF) to assess strategies for linking the ECLAC Damage and Loss Assessment (DaLA) Methology to the Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA).
Each metholodolgy was individually outlined and their use in the Caribbean context was explored in detail to set the framework or lens through which their linking would be viewed. Other methologies that are used within the recovery process were identified and outlined.
A gap analysis was conducted on moving from the PDNA with a focus on initial rapid reponse to DaLA. DaLA training materials were reviewed to assess where improvements can be made to seamlessly move from one methology to the next. Additionally, both DaLA and PDNA reports were reviewed to identify specific areas of information which could serve as common data links, and note how this linkage could inform the overall disaster assessments in the region. This is in addition to noting any similarities or variance in the application of both methologies.
Challenges to linking both methodologies were identified such as countries lacking well defined recovery frameworks and their ability to fund or finance recovery efforts, in addition to recurrent challenges in the Caribbean region such as inadequacy of baseline data, human resource and training, and identifying teams to conduct the data collection.
Recommendations made in terms of the strategies to be employed for the successful linking of both the DaLA and PDNA Methodologies included: creating and maintaining a recovery framework and baseline data; creation of a minimum requirements list for the successful implementation of PDNA and DaLA implementation; and increasing political will in addition to identify a champion to push the subject.


.--Glossary of terms and definitions.--Acronyms.--Executive summary.--I. Background.--II. DaLA Methodology.--III. PDNA Methodology.--IV. DaLA and PDNA Methodologies in the Caribbean context.--V. Other methodologies involved in the recovery process.--VI. Gap analysis in moving from the PDNA to the DaLA.--VII. Challenges.--VIII. Recommendations