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Macroeconomic policies in the Caribbean

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Macroeconomic policies in the Caribbean

Autor institucional: NU. CEPAL. Sede Subregional para el Caribe Descripción física: 15 páginas. Editorial: ECLAC Data: fevereiro 2001 Signatura: LC/CAR/G.640


The concern with a gender dimension of macroeconomic policy stems from the mandate of the Beijing conference to review and implement policies aimed at achieving equitable access to economic resources. This paper examines some of the macroeconomic policies pursued in the Caribbean within the context of economic adjustment in order to understand the rationale for these polices to see whether and how gender analysis could contribute to a more equitable outcome. The aims and goals of macroeconomic policy are explained, against the background of the economic problems faced by the region since 1970. Specifically, the policies adopted by Jamaica and Barbados are compared to illustrate two different approaches to dealing with macroeconomic imbalances. The integration of a gender dimension into macroeconomic policy and analysis is finally considered.