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Regional Observatory on Sustainable Energy (ROSE) - Energy Poverty Report and Regional Profile launch event

22 de outubro de 2021|Evento

Launch of the Regional Energy Profile and Regional Energy Poverty Report In the framework of the XI International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development

Since 2018, the Regional Observatory On Sustainable Energy (ROSE) has strengthen the technical capacities of Latin American Countries to produce relevant and comprehensive SDG7 data sets. Since then, the Natural Resource Division of ECLAC has been working with its member states to improve the proper tracking of the SDG7 Goals and the improvement of the measurement of multidimensional energy poverty indicators.

ECLAC and all its members states noted the importance of properly measuring the contribution of the energy sector to the 2030 Agenda and the achievements of the SDG7 objective «Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all». In that regard, ECLAC has assessed the different energy indicators for Latin American and the Caribbean, supporting the development of evidence-based policies in the region.

For the reasons described above, ECLAC under the ROSE project umbrella will launch on October 22nd the “Regional Energy Profile” and the report entitled “Development of energy poverty indicators in Latin America and the Caribbean” contributing to the understanding of the complexity of energy poverty in the region, from a multidimensional perspective and a geographical perspective. The document seeks to integrate concepts such as security and transition, that allows a comprehensive perspective of the energy challenges ahead for the region in order to achieve the SDG7 objectives. Secondly, it deepens the work done by ECLAC by broadening the view of energy poverty beyond electrification rate, evidencing through various indicators the different dimensions, and introducing a broad methodology that can be replicable in other regions.

The Regional Energy Profile and the Energy Poverty report will be launched in the framework of the XI International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development and in partnership with the UN-Economic Commissions:

International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development

Given the virtual format, this event will be carried out through a series of presentations that will allow sharing the region's progress in the different dimensions of the SDG7. This activity is dedicated to representatives of member states (ministries, secretariats and government agencies related to the energy sector in the region), industry (utilities, generators, grid owners and operators), along with experts, researchers, and academics.

The event will be carried out using zoom platform. For more details, please find below the agenda.