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Private-public alliances for export development: the Korean case

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Private-public alliances for export development: the Korean case

Autor institucional: NU. CEPAL. División de Comercio Internacional e Integración Descripción física: 97 páginas. Editorial: CEPAL Data: agosto 2010 Signatura: LC/L.3163-P ISBN: 9789211217308


The present report explains the development path of Korea, from a country which started its development with a lack of natural resources, industrial facilities, sufficient foreign reserves and business experiences and with human resources as its only productive factor at the disposal, to its successful technological catch-up, export performance and economic development. The study clarifies this development by concentrating on the formulation and implementation mechanism of development strategies and policies with the emphasis on trade; the technological capability building process and institutions, and the innovation and internationalization policies for SME. The study shows the case of a strong government leadership in the early stage of development and the increasing role of market mechanism and public private partnership when the economy becomes more complicated and diversified.