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In this periodically updated publication, ECLAC summarizes the measures announced by 34 countries in the region to address the crisis... read more
Cambio climático
That the financial crisis and climate change are perceived as separated events raises concern. Through seminars, documents and regional studies, ECLAC is promoting the adoption of measures to reactivate the economy that also include steps to address climate change... read more

Nobel Prize in Physics is Consultant to ECLAC

Carlo Rubbia will make proposals on sustainable energy development and the mitigation of climate change... read more

ECLAC Calls for Measuring the Effects of Investment Incentives

Latin America governments prefer tax exemptions as part of their investment promotion policies. However, the region lacks studies to... read more

Monopolistic Practices Affect Competition and General Welfare in Mexico and Central America

Studies carried out by ECLAC - Mexico underscore the lack of adequate legal frameworks for privatizations, mergers and acquisitions... read more

Support fot the Network of Corporate Social Responsability and Decent Work in Argentina

ECLAC's office in Buenos Aires is supporting the development of capacity-building of the Corporate Social Responsability and Decent Work programme... read more