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Global value chains and world trade: Prospects and challenges for Latin America

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Global value chains and world trade: Prospects and challenges for Latin America

Auteur institutionnel: NU. CEPAL Description physique: 282 páginas. Éditeur: ECLAC Date: Janvier 2014 Symbole: LC/G.2617-P ISBN: 9789212211244


Scant empirical evidence is available on how the Latin American and Caribbean region participates in global value chains (GVCs) and what drives this process. Frequent questions in this connection are: How has the spread of information and communications technologies and free trade agreements facilitated the region’s participation in GVCs? To what extent do small firms participate in GVCs? What learning mechanisms and production and technological feedbacks operate in different types of GVCs? How can countries and firms take advantage of upgrading processes in GVCs? What role do policies play to influence these processes?

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Foreword .-- About the editors .-- Introduction .-- Chapter I: Mapping global value chains .-- Chapter II: Global value chains in Latin America: A development perspective
for upgrading .-- Chapter III: Access to finance in value chains: New evidence from
Latin America .-- Chapter IV: Inclusive value chain interventions in the high-value agrifood
sector in Latin America .-- Chapter V: Economic integration and value chains case study: Dairy products
in Central America .-- Chapter VI: Value chain development for cocoa smallholders in Ecuador .-- Chapter VII: Brazilian production sharing and implications for production
integration in South America .-- Chapter VIII: Value chains in Colombian exports to the European Union:
How inclusive are they?.

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