How Will Climate Change Impact the Coast of Latin America and the Caribbean?

ECLAC, the Government of Spain and the University of Cantabria have joined forces to develop a Regional study into the effects of climate change on the coast of Latin America and the Caribbean, and the results are available to the region's countries to help them introduce adaptation measures.

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Middle-income Countries and a New Agenda for Financing for Development.
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ECLAC's Most Recent Documents and Reports.

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Important Events Up to March 2013.
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Disability in Latin America and the Caribbean – Public Policy Challenges

Over the next few years, the proportion of disabled people in Latin America and the Caribbean is expected to increase due to population ageing and lifestyle changes. ECLAC’s Social Panorama of Latin America 2012 provides an overview of the living conditions of disabled people and describes some of the challenges facing countries.
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Gender Institutions and Public Policies, Advances and Setbacks in Latin America
A new study from the ECLAC Division for Gender Affairs puts forward a conceptual framework and a socio-historical interpretation of the process of institutionalizing gender policies in Latin America between1985 and 2010.
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Latin America Is Experiencing an Irreversible Process of Population Ageing
By 2040 there are expected to be 73 aged economies in the world, including Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Costa Rica and Cuba. A project coordinated by the Latin American and Caribbean Demographic Centre (CELADE) - Population Division of ECLAC provides an integral approach for measuring all aggregate economic flows among ages and over time.
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The Importance of Raúl Prebisch in the 21st Century
ECLAC is developing a project that aims to place the ideas of Raúl Prebisch and the first stage of structuralist thinking at the heart of the current debate on development in Latin America and the Caribbean.
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