ECLAC Organizes Regional
Preparatory Meeting for the
Rio+20 Summit

Between 7 and 9 September, the Regional Preparatory Meeting for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development will be held at the headquarters of ECLAC in Santiago, Chile.

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Gender Equality Observatory: A Tool for Facing Challenges.
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Higher Oil Prices Expected to Benefit Exports of Central America, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.
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ECLAC's Most Recent Documents and Reports.

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Important Events Up to August 2011.
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Employment Quality Remains an
Issue in Latin America

Employment indicators improved since 2002 in Latin America thanks to a more favourable macroeconomic context and some specific public policies. Although recently many of the region’s countries have made efforts to develop the quality of employment, progress in most fields has been modest.

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Photo: Wellington Pedro/Imprensa MG, Flickr
Demand for Care is a Challenge for Social Protection Systems
in Latin America

The issue of care has not been placed high on the public policy agenda of the region’s countries, says an ECLAC study which reveals that the number of people with moderate to severe dependency requiring periodical care will increase from 23 million to 50 million between 2000 and 2050.
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Logistical Infrastructure of Ports could Become the “bottleneck”
of Latin American Growth

At present, almost half of the economic development of Latin America and the Caribbean is attributable to trade, which passes mainly through ports. However, the infrastructure of seaports in most countries leaves much to be desired, and could become a major obstacle to growth.
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Second Seminar on Telemedicine held in Venezuela
On 26 and 27 July, the “2nd Regional Seminar on e-health and telemedicine in Latin America and the Caribbean: innovation practices and standards” took place in Caracas, Venezuela, organized by SELA, with the support of ECLAC, through the ECLAC@LIS2 project..
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The Sun - Renewable Energy with Great Potential for
Latin America and the Caribbean

According to ECLAC, solar energy is an exceptional way of supplementing oil to generate energy in a way that goes beyond the price and profitability situations. Along with other renewable energy sources, solar power is an essential resource for diversifying the energy mix of countries.
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ECLAC Reveals Offices Renovated Following the Earthquake in 2010
ECLAC organized various activities and invited distinguished guests to mark the reopening of the offices damaged in the earthquake that struck central Chile on 27 February 2010.
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