The Dreams of Three
Latin American Female Entrepreneurs

Lourdes, Catalina y Victoria star three stories with a common denominator: the ability to join forces in order to overcome poverty and boost their cultural identity.

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Photo: MarĂ­a Elisa Bernal


Macroeconomic Challenges of the Region.
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ECLAC Will Present Study on Damage Caused by Rains in Colombia.
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ECLAC's Most Recent Documents and Reports.

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Important Events up to May 2011.
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Older Persons,
the Silent Revolution

Several of the region's countries propose extending the protection and enforcement of the rights of older persons by means of a legally binding treaty. In 40 years, this social group will represent a quarter of the region's inhabitants.

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Photo: Nukamari, Flickr
Exports from Latin America and the Caribbean to Asia-Pacific
Show Strong Growth in 2010

The region's countries increased their exports to Asia 39% in the first three quarters of last year. ECLAC emphasizes that current conditions are conducive to greater market presence in Asia for products with higher value added.
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ECLAC and FAO Will Use Seminar to Present Studies on Biofuels
The meeting "Dialogue on policies for institutional development and innovation in biofuels in Latin America and the Caribbean" will be held on 28 and 29 March at ECLAC headquarters in Santiago. Read More>
ECLAC Implements New Project to Improve Millennium Statistics
The five UN regional commissions, ECLAC among them, have begun to implement a two-year interregional project to produce updated statistics for the Millennium Development Goals.
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