Alicia Bárcena, Executive Secretary of ECLAC:
Equality is an Essential Value of
the Development Agenda

ECLAC will present the document Time for Equality. Closing Gaps, Opening Trails, during its Thirty-third Session, to be held 30 May to 1 June in Brazil.
Government representatives from all of Latin America and the Caribbean and North American, European and Asian countries belonging to ECLAC, as well as directors of multilateral organizations and members of civil society, will attend the session.
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A Neutral Space for Analyzing Brazil’s
International Insertion

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ECLAC Monitors United States Trade
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Common Investment Funds Contribute to Argentina’s Financial Development
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ECLAC’s Summer School Opens in July Read more>


Ten of ECLAC's most recent documents and reports.
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Important events up to July 2010.
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A Strong Caregiving System
for a More Equal Society

The “economics of caregiving”, or simply “caregiving”, has been a topic of discussion for several years. The term refers to activities related to maintaining human life. Life is impossible without providing care. Read more >
  ECLAC Proposes Eight Ways to Strengthen Regional
Cooperation in a Post-crisis Scenari
The Commission presented a document on the topic during the first Summit for Latin American and Caribbean Unity held in Cancun, Mexico on 22-23 February. Read more >
  Broadband is Key to the Virtuous Circle of Development
Having access and using the Internet, particularly broadband, are essential for the development of modern societies and economies, given they condition a country’s competitiveness and social inclusion. Read more >
  Comparing Apples with Apples in Different Currencies
It isn't the same to buy a Big Mac in Peru than in the United States, and it's not about the size of the hamburger. Read more >
  Conditional Transfer Programmes Aim to Protect the Poorest
Conditional transfer programmes (CCT) are one of the main tools of social policy to reduce poverty. But are they a long-term solution? Read more >