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New ECLAC Report
Fiscal Panorama of Latin America and the Caribbean 2015: Policy space and dilemmas. Executive Summary
Sixteen countries in the region have made changes to their tax systems in the past year.
Latin America Makes Progress on Tax System Reforms
New ECLAC Series Report
La participación de América Latina y el Caribe en el Mecanismo de Solución de Diferencias de la OMC: una mirada panorámica a los primeros 20 años
Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Chile are the countries from the region that most frequently turn to the global body that reviews trade disputes among i
Latin American Countries Are among the Main Complainants and Respondents at the WTO
The exhibit Latin America in Construction: Architecture 1955 - 1980 will include a mock-up and several images of the headquarters of the United Nation
Iconic ECLAC Building, Protagonist at MoMA in New York, opening March 29, 2015.
Capital Flows to Latin America and the Caribbean: 2014 Overview
ECLAC, UNDP and IDB to Coordinate Efforts in Unique Partnership for Sustainable Energy for All in the Americas
The 2014 Edition of ECLAC's Statistical Yearbook is Already Available
New ECLAC Report
ECLAC Statistical Yearbook for Latin America and the Caribbean 2014
Authorities and experts from several Latin American and European countries took part in a high-level round table at the Commission's headquarters in
Region's Governments Advance towards a Compact on the Governance of Natural Resources, with ECLAC Support
New ECLAC Report
Social Panorama of Latin America 2014
Estimates show that 167 million people were poor in 2014, and 71 million of them suffered extreme poverty or indigence.
Poverty and Indigence Reduction Stalls in Most of Latin American Countries
Measuring and Reducing Carbon Footprints Would Allow Companies to Improve Their Insertion in Global Trade
During a side event of the COP 20 being held in Lima, ECLAC stated that there is a great deal of room for a positive business agenda in the face of climate change.

New ECLAC Report
The economics of climate change in Latin America and the Caribbean: Paradoxes and challenges of sustainable development
Climate Change Impacts Already Being Felt Will Intensify in the Future
ECLAC offers a diagnosis and numerous policy recommendations in a new report that estimates this phenomenon's economic costs in Latin America and the Caribbean.

New ECLAC Washington Office Report
Capital Flows to Latin America and the Caribbean: Recent Developments
For six years, the global economy has been driven by the U.S. Federal Reserve?s policies of easy money. Liquidity has flowed from developed to developing economies, financing infrastructure and corporate investment and allowing consumers to indulge in credit-fuelled retail spending. Thus the effective ending of the Fed?s third round of asset purchases (QE3) at the end of October represents both a watershed and the beginning of a new stage in the world economy. The end of asset-purchases comes at a challenging time for emerging markets, with China?s economy slowing, the Euro zone struggling to avoid a recession and the Japanese economy already in recession.

ECLAC forecasts that regional GDP will grow just 1.1% in 2014.
Growth in Latin America and the Caribbean Will Rebound to 2.2% in 2015
Economic growth in Latin America and the Caribbean will recover in 2015 and reach 2.2% on average, according to new estimates unveiled today by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC). According to the regional United Nations organization, this moderate rise will take place in the context of the global economy?s slow and heterogeneous recovery, with downward pressure on commodity prices and little dynamism in the region?s external demand as well as an increase in financial uncertainty.

On Tuesday, December 2:
ECLAC Will Release Overview of Region's Economy in 2014 and Projections for 2015
The United Nations organization will unveil its estimates in a press conference at its headquarters in Santiago, Chile.

La Alianza del Pacífico y el MERCOSUR: hacia la convergencia en la diversidad
Tanto por las exigencias del entorno mundial como por las propias dinámicas del acontecer regional, es fundamental promover la construcción de espacios amplios y unificados de cooperación. Un proceso de integración de características regionales es la mejor respuesta a los signos de los tiempos y a las exigencias del cambio estructural en pro de la igualdad en América Latina. La gradual convergencia entre la Alianza del Pacífico y el MERCOSUR podría constituir un catalizador decisivo de ese proceso. Con el presente documento, preparado para el seminario "Diálogo sobre la Integración Regional: la Alianza del Pacífico y el MERCOSUR", organizado por el Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de Chile (Santiago, 24 de noviembre de 2014), la CEPAL busca contribuir a la elaboración de una posible agenda de trabajo que dé expresión concreta a esa convergencia.

ECLAC's report:
The Pacific Alliance and MERCOSUR Represent More than 80% of Regional Foreign Trade
A greater convergence between both blocs would encourage structural change in favor of equality, according to the United Nations organization.

Compared with the same period of 2013:
Foreign Direct Investment in Latin America Declines 23% in the First Half of 2014
The absence of big corporate acquisitions and a slowdown in mining investments are seen as the main factors, ECLAC reported. *The total amount of FDI received by the region was updated including figures from Bolivia and Honduras.

The employment situation in Latin America and the Caribbean: Employment formalization and labour income distribution
In 2014:
Unemployment Could Fall to 6.0% in Latin America and the Caribbean Despite Limited Job Creation
ECLAC-ILO study says employment formalization has contributed to a reduction in income inequality.

According to ECLAC's estimates:
Countries in the Region Should Invest 6.2% of Annual GDP to Satisfy Infrastructure Demands
The organization presented a new database that details country investment in economic infrastructure since 1980.

According to a new report by ECLAC:
Latin America Has Achieved Progress in Health, Education and Political Participation of Indigenous Peoples in the Last Decade
In the context of the UN Climate Summit:
ECLAC Addresses the Paradoxes and Challenges of Climate Change's Economic and Social Impact in the Region
Capital Flows to Latin America and the Caribbean: Recent Developments
In its report Economic Survey:
ECLAC Lowers Growth Forecast for the Region in 2014 to 2,2%
ECLAC Urges Region to Strengthen Statistical Institutions to Contribute to the Post-2015 Development Agenda
Preliminary reflections on Latin America and the Caribbean in the post-2015 development agenda based on the trilogy of equality
Alicia Bárcena Asks for Universalizing the Post-2015 Development Agenda
ECLAC's Executive Secretary participated in a high-level forum with other representatives from the United Nations' regional commissions.

José Antonio Ocampo, Barbara Stallings, Inés Bustillo, Helvia Velloso y Roberto Frenkel
New ECLAC Publication Analyses Integration of Digital Technologies in the Region's Schools
ECLAC Refers to the Implications of the Holdouts for the International Financial System
The regional organization's Executive Secretary, Alicia Bárcena, makes a statement due to the ruling by the United States justice system in the legal dispute between the holdouts (so-called "vulture funds") and the Republic of Argentina.

According to ECLAC's figures:
Container Movement in Ports Rises 1.7% in 2013 and Confirms Slowdown in Region's Foreign Trade
Global context of lower economic growth continues to affect port activity, a new ranking from the United Nations organization shows.

Latin American and Caribbean Countries Agreed to Promote Regional Policies on Science, Innovation and ICT
Authorities participated in the First Meeting of ECLAC's Conference on Science, Innovation and Information and Communications Technologies, which took place in Santiago, Chile.

According to a new report by ECLAC:
Latin America and the Caribbean Received 184.92 Billion Dollars in Foreign Direct Investment in 2013
A change in the trend forecast for 2014 would imply a minor decline in FDI flows towards the region.

At its Thirty-fifth session:
ECLAC Proposes Compacts for Equality and Sustainable Development in Latin America and the Caribbean
6 May 2014:
ECLAC Launches Its Digital Repository with Free Access to More than 35,000 Publications
Access to international capital markets: recent developments in Central America and the Caribbean
The objective of this report is to analyze the impact of recent global financial trends on the access to private external financing by Central American and Caribbean (CAC) economies, as well as their performance in international capital markets in recent years.

ECLAC Launches a New Edition of the Handbook for Disaster Assessment
Since 1972, this organization has participated in the damage evaluation of more than 90 catastrophes that were responsible for around 310,000 deaths and affected the lives of 34 million people.

ECLAC Puts forward Strategy for Achieving Development with Equality in the Caribbean
Executive Secretary, Alicia Bárcena, takes part in a round table discussion in Jamaica on the region's progress.

In Lima:
ECLAC's Executive Secretary Met with Peruvian Government Ministers
During a high-level debate at ECLAC's headquarters in Santiago, Chile:
Presidents of Chile and Uruguay Call for Greater Regional Integration
Capital Flows to Latin America and the Caribbean: 2013 Overview and Recent Developments
Alicia Bárcena Calls for the Formulation of a Post-2015 Agenda that has Equality as its Ultimate Goal and Guiding Principle
The Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean participates in a meeting in Mexico about economic and social inclusion.

The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Inter-American Development Bank
Innovating, gaining market share and fostering social inclusion: success stories in SME development
According to new OECD-ECLAC-CIAT report:
Tax Revenues Continue to Rise in Latin America, but Are Low and Varied Among Countries
Debt financing rollercoaster. Latin American and Caribbean access to international bond markets since the debt crisis, 1982-2012
United States Trade Developments 2012-2013
Capital Flows to Latin America and the Caribbean: recent Developments
Organic food market in the United States. Market access oportunities for Latin American and Caribbean producers
Observatory of Imports Customs Control (OCAI) Periodic Note January 2013
This note presents information available in the Observatory of Imports Customs Control (OCAI, by its spanish acronym)

United States Trade Developments 2011-2012
U.S. health care reform and medical tourism opportunities
Gobernanza corporativa en el Brasil, Colombia y México: La determinación del riesgo en la emisión de instrumentos de deuda corporativa
Esta nota actualiza la información disponible en el Observatorio del Control Aduanero de las Importaciones (OCAI)

This note presents information available in the Observatory of Imports Customs Control (OCAI, by its Spanish acronym)

Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Ciudad de México 4 y 5 de abril, 2011 CEPAL-OEA
Foro Negocios Verdes
Antidumping and the global financial crisis: the impact on Latin America and the Caribbean
Estimating the effects of United States food safety and agricultural health standards on agro-food exports from Latin America and the Caribbean
Aspectos determinantes del estado de situación de la facilitación del transporte en América Latina: el caso de Colombia y el Perú (Comunidad Andina de Naciones)
Santiago de Chile, Chile 27 y 28 de julio, 2010
Taller: "Herramientas para alcanzar una gestión empresarial ambientalmente responsable: del diagnóstico a la evaluación" y "Mesa de Diálogo sobre el rol de los diferentes actores involucrados en la implementación de la responsabilidad social empresarial"
Esta nota actualiza la información disponible en el Observatorio del Control Aduanero de las Importaciones (OCAI) (ver ECLAC, Studies and Perspectives, Washington Office, 5).

Medical tourism: a survey
Cambio y oportunidad: la responsabilidad social corporativa como fuente de competitividad en pequeñas y medianas empresas en América Latina y el Caribe.
Promoting corporate social responsibility in small and medium enterprises in the Caribbean: methodology report
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