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Regional seminar on time use surveys

10-11 dez 2014 | Workshop

The Seminar offered a forum for sensitizing participants on the value of time-use surveys, and facilitating the promotion of time-use surveys for measuring all forms of work, particularly women’s activities.


Idioma del curso English
Face-to-face course

Target audience

Technical staff and practitioners from gender bureaus and national statistical offices


AS part of its ongoing work in the Caribbean, the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) has responded to requests from member and associate member states for statistical capacity training in the core elements of Time Use Surveys. The training will offer a forum for sensitizing participants on the value of Time Use Surveys, and will facilitate the use of Time Use Surveys for measuring all forms of work – especially women’s activities. The initiative will complement ECLAC’s ongoing efforts to build greater capacity in the compilation of gender statistics and in the development of gender indicators for the formulation of sound policies that promote gender equality.  

Time Use Surveys are recognized as one of the most comprehensive tools for measuring all forms of work, particularly unremunerated work. They provide insight on the nature, duration and context of the activities, in which both men and women engage, during a specific period.

Compared to traditional statistical methods, such as household surveys and censuses, Time Use Surveys are better suited to capture and identify differences in how women and men spend time on their daily activities (paid and unpaid work), and therefore allow for a better understanding of gender relations and dynamics.