Links of partner agencies OFILAC

This section provides links to Websites developed by the organisms associated to OFILAC that are related to different aspects of fiscal policy.

CIATalk -- Blog


"The CIAT Blog is a space for opinion on matters of tax policy and tax administration that the CIAT Executive Secretariat facilitates for members of MyCiat Community. Without the formality or strict requirements of the articles published on specialized reviews, CIAT Talks constitutes a new opportunity for members of the tax administration community to express their opinion, assertions and spur exchanges.

The Blog enables a forum for the ongoing concerns of those who are always devising new ways of accomplishing things; or who wish to comment, with pride and satisfaction, on a new successful experience. It grants the opportunity of disseminating the bases for an econometric model; defending the virtues or pointing out the defects of a tax reform, or a new procedure, or a new technological application.

Overall, it is our space for our own expression."

Economic Development Division -- ECLAC


The main objective of the Economic Development Division (EDD) is the promotion of long-term, equitable growth in the economies of Latin America and the Caribbean. This mission is instrumented through three strategies: a systematic monitoring of macroeconomic policies and reforms; an evaluation of their impact in terms of sustainability, effectiveness and equity; and a substantive support for the formulation and implementation of these policies and reforms by the governments. To achieve this goal, the EDD works together with other departments and agencies of the United Nations System, other Divisions of the ECLAC, the regional offices of ECLAC in Mexico City and Port of Spain, and the national offices in Bogota, Brasilia, Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Washington.

Instituto Latinoamericano y del Caribe de Planificación Económica y Social -- CEPAL


ILPES is a permanent institution with its own identity and is part of ECLAC. It was set up at the end of the 1960s for the purpose of supporting the Governments of the region in the area of planning and public administration, through the provision of training, advisory and research services. The substantive profile of ILPES is currently focused on public administration, with three main priorities (research areas). -- OECD is the latest evolution of the annual Latin American Economic Outlook report, essentially bringing its trusted, high quality content into the digital age. Its wide country coverage and methods of analysis are essential for anyone seeking to understand the economic, social and political developments of Latin American countries.

Panorama de la Gestión Pública -- CEPAL


As momentum of the fruitful initiative between the ILPES and the World Bank for the Project LACMIC + + Program, ILPES presents "Overview of Public Management" with a database associated to the "Public Sector Indicators System for Latin America and the Caribbean" (SISPALC).

This database, besides containing statistics (and their respective "metadata"), aims to be a tool to support some specialist networks that have been created in the region (Redeplan, Red SNIP and the Public Management Network).

Direct technical assistance in countries, countless training workshops and materials developed in recent years allowed us to prepare this overview of the Public Sector and Development Planning, which we hope will contribute to the discussion on the role of the State in our economies and societies, and to the building of shared visions in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.