“Social Progress Is Not Limited to Social Policies”

At ECLAC’s Thirty-fourth session, to be held from 27-31 August in San Salvador, El Salvador, the Commission will propose policies to enable a structural change in equality and environmental sustainability in the region. In the interview below, the Executive Secretary of ECLAC Alicia Bárcena gives more details on this new roadmap.

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ruralPhoto: Lorenzo Moscia/ECLAC
More and Better Statistics on Public Safety and Justice.
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Economic Impacts of Climate Change in the Caribbean
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Biotechnology Overview of the Argentinian Province of Córdoba.
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ECLAC's Most Recent Documents and Reports.

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Important Events Up to October 2012.
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Urbanization Represents Opportunities and Challenges in Terms of Progressing towards Sustainable Development

Latin America is the most urbanized region of the developing world, with 80% of the population living in urban areas. According to ECLAC, this has public policy implications in terms of reducing cumulative deficits and facing the challenges that arise from rapid urbanization.
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Photo: Miguel Angel Labarca, Flickr

Map of Child Poverty among the Region's Indigenous and Afrodescendent Peoples
A new report published by ECLAC provides unprecedented information on the situation of indigenous and Afrodescendent children in 17 Latin American countries. Findings of the study include the identification of major inequalities in education, right to information and housing and access to drinking water and sanitation.
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salud-e Growing Importance of Outsourcing in Latin America and the Caribbean
Offshore services in particular have emerged as a dynamic sector and are inducing new patterns of structural change in Latin America and the Caribbean. ECLAC will hold an international conference on this trend in October.
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herramientas Women's Autonomy, Overview of Four of the Region's Countries
A new report from the ECLAC Division for Gender Affairs presents in-depth studies of national gender equality plans implemented in Bolivia, Chile, Guatemala and Uruguay, as well as proposed indicators to evaluate the economic autonomy of women in Latin America and the Caribbean.
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herramientas ECLAC Promotes Development of Sustainable Cities in the Region through Expert Forum
More than 60 professionals from Latin America and the Caribbean will take part in an expert forum on the development of sustainable cities, which includes a distance-learning course and two face-to-face seminars in Buenos Aires and Valdivia.
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herramientas Homage to the Peace Pioneer
ECLAC and the Swedish Embassy in Chile are publishing a book on the ideas and contributions of Dag Hammarskjöld to peace, international law and preventive diplomacy.
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