Fertility and Inequality in Latin America

In its latest flagship publication Social Panorama of Latin America 2011, ECLAC analyses fertility trends in the region in their economic, social and demographic context, so as to spotlight the challenges the countries will face in the short and medium term.

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Photo: Solange Souza/UNFPA
Outlook towards Rio+20.
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New Publication Presents Data on the Agricultural Sector in 10 Countries in Central America and the Caribbean.
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ECLAC's Most Recent Documents and Reports.

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Important Events Up to January 2012.
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Countries of the Region Must Annually Invest US$ 170 Billion to Close the Infrastructure Gap

Investments in infrastructure in Latin America and the Caribbean have fallen over the past years, which has widened the gap between the requirements and the effective provision of these services. According to ECLAC, investments accounting for around 5.2% of the region’s GDP are necessary in order to meet the needs of companies and individuals between 2006 and 2020.

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Photo: Amazonia Puno - Madre de Dios, Flickr
Economic Policies Must Consider Unpaid Work of Women
During a conference held at ECLAC headquarters, distinguished international experts analysed the importance of including unpaid work of women in public policies in the countries.
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ECLAC Analyses Competitiveness and Social Inclusion in Agriculture
Book examines the development of agricultural policies applied over the past years in Latin America and the Caribbean and identifies the issues which will mark the agenda over the next years.
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New ECLAC Studies on Regional Trade
The organization launched two documents which deal with issues relating to the development of foreign trade in the region over recent years.
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