MDGs Progress Reports for Latin America and the Caribbean

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The United Nations system periodically publishes global and regional reports on the progress towards achieving the MDGs. The first general report for Latin America and the Caribbean was produced in 2005. Goal-specific regional reports are also produced each year within the framework of the United Nations Regional Coordination Mechanism by UN agencies, funds and specialized bodies of the region.

In 2010 a new MDG report which examines the state of progress in the region towards the fulfillment of the MDGs was released: Achieving the Millennium Development Goals with equality in Latin America and the Caribbean. Progress and challenges. The report asserts that a significant part of the progress made by the region as a whole in advancing towards the MDGs, particularly with regard to reducing extreme poverty, took place in the six years prior to the global crisis (2002-2008). During that time, Latin America and the Caribbean had relatively high growth rates, with several countries improving income distribution, raising per capita social public expenditures and applying macroeconomic policies that avoided a harsher impact of the crisis.

Since 2008, the Statistics and Economic Projections Division produces periodical progress reports wish summarizes the trends and advancement of Latin America and the Caribbean with respect to the MDG goals and indicators, based on the most recent statistical information. The last produced summary reports are based on the 2010 Regional MDG report and can be accessed at this site, by clicking on the following bottoms. By now summary reports are only available in Spanish, but soon English versions will be uploaded. You can download MDG Fact Sheets by goal in English version.

Latin America and the Caribbean countries have demonstrated significant progress towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. Apparently the region is on track to meeting its commitment by 2015.

But the countries of the region face serious problems, consequently failing to advance sufficiently in fighting poverty.