ECLAC has been working in supporting country policies and in improving monitoring systems to reach the Millennium Developing Goals.

Most of this effort has been maid trough the implementation of projects financed by the U.N. Development Account. The objective of the Development Account is to fund technical cooperation projects, for the benefit of multiple developing countries, in the priority programmatic areas under the responsibility of the respective implementing entities, particularly as they relate to advancing the goals set out in the United Nations Millennium Declaration and in the outcomes of the major United Nations conferences and international agreements since 1992.

Projects which benefit the Latin American and Caribbean region are the following:


"Strengthening statistical and inter-institutional capacities for monitoring the Millennium Development Goals through interregional cooperation and knowledge-sharing". ECLAC, ESCAP, ESCWA,UNECE, UNECA.

"Strengthening capacity of local governments in Latin America to address critical issues arising from internationally agreed development goals". Institute for Economic and Social Planning -ILPES (08/09Y).
"Strengthening the capacity of national statistical offices in the Caribbean Small Island Developing States to fulfill the Millennium Development Goals and other internationally agreed development goals". ECLAC Subregional Headquarters for the Caribbean, Port of Spain (08/09Z).
"Strengthening National Capacities in Environment Statistics, Indicators and Accounts Project". Statistics and Economic Projection Division (06/07Y)
"Interregional cooperation to strengthen social inclusion, gender equality and health promotion in the Millennium Development Goals"
Social Development Division, Population Division – CELADE and the Division for Gender Affairs(06/07B) .

“Strengthening the capacity of Latin American and Caribbean countries to achieve the Millennium Development Goals by sharing information about successful initiatives through regional network”. Institute for Economic and Social Planning -ILPES (06/07G).

“Strengthening the capacity of Latin American and Caribbean countries to fulfill the Millennium Development Goals” Statistics and Economic Projections Division (04/05E).

The listed projects are in different stages of implementation. While some projects just started, others have already concluded. Due the financing of other international organizations, many ended projects have had continuity.

Projects that have been financed by other donor agencies are listed below:

"Approaching the Fundamental Link to Break the Vicious Circle of Poverty: Monitoring Millennium Development Goals and Targets related to Child and Maternal Health". Social Development Division (ECLAC)- United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) (WFP/07/001).
"Following up the poverty component of the first Millennium Development Goal”. Social Development Division. Financing: Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID).
"Desarrollo de Indicadores de Género: Capacidades de las instituciones de estadísticas y de las oficinas de la mujer". Division for Gender Affairs. Financing: Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID).
"Experiences in Social Innovation ". Social Developing Division and UNDP. Financing: Kellogg Foundation. (UND/07/004.
"Uso de Indicadores de Género para la formulación de políticas públicas". Division for Gender Affairs and Statistics and Economic Projections Division. Financing: UNIFEM y FNUAP.


ECLAC technical cooperation activities are implemented with substantive and financial support from various donors, including the implementation of individual projects, which are identified on the basis of the ECLAC programme of work and member countries' priorities. One of the strengths of ECLAC lies in its ability to combine research, technical assistance and training in a way that optimizes intervention for beneficiary countries and donor countries and organizations.

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