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Various collections of bulletins covering the Commission’s activities in different areas of regional interest.

Foreign Trade Bulletin of MERCOSUR

Coverage: 2018 to the present. Language (s): Spanish. Periodicity: Annual. Content: The bulletin analyzes the commercial dynamics of the block from a structural perspective. Prepared jointly by the ECLAC offices in Brasilia, Buenos Aires and Montevideo, in coordination with the Division of International Trade and Integration and under the supervision of the Office of the Executive Secretariat of the Commission.

Notes de synthèse de la CEPALC sur le développement

ECLAC keynotes for development offers briefs on the crucial issues of development in the region that form part of the ongoing work of ECLAC. 


Cobertura: 2009 al presente. Idioma(s): Español e inglés. Título en otro idioma: ECLAC-ILO Report. Periodicidad: Semestral. Contenido: Entrega periódicamente un panorama de la coyuntura laboral de la región. Responsable: División de Desarrollo Económico de la CEPAL y OIT.

ECLAC Statistical Briefings

Bimonthly publication containing short monographic articles on statistical topics.

Boletín Envejecimiento y Desarrollo

Cobertura: 2005 al presente. El boletín aborda diversos temas relacionados con políticas sobre la vejez, sociodemografía del envejecimiento, derechos humanos, seguridad social, entornos inclusivos, salud, entre otros.

Natural Resources in Latin America and the Caribbean

The objective of this bulletin is to disseminate the progress made in the areas of governance, policies, management and use of natural resources and of the relevant basic and ecosystem services in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Statistical Bulletin: International Trade in Goods in Latin America and the Caribbean

Provides up-to-date information on the most recent external trade data for the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. Trade figures are presented by main destination and product group, with some products disaggregated, by month for the latest 12 months available. Prepared by: Division of International Trade and Integration.