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Latin American and Caribbean Labor Markets and the Global Economy

14 Juin 2011|Évènement

This Latin American and Caribbean Regional Conference on Trade and Employment is part of the ongoing International Collaborative Initiative on Trade and Employment (ICITE), supported by a number of leading international organizations, including the OECD, ILO, WTO, UNECLAC, IDB and the World Bank. This regional conference aim to: 1) Take stock and expand the range of empirical and institutional analyses on the relationship between international integration and labor markets, 2) Promote dialogue and exchange of relevant literature among stakeholders, and 3) Inform policy-makers and the public of key findings. The fundamental objective is to improve our understanding of the mechanisms by which trade interacts with employment, with a view to promoting dialogue and developing policy-relevant conclusions. With these objectives in mind, the program will focus on three inter-related issues that are of particular relevance for policymakers in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).

Tuesday, June 14

09:00   Opening Remarks

10:00   Keynote:  What Should Policymakers Know about Global Integration and Labor Markets? / Andrés Velasco, Former Finance Minister, Chile. Chair: Carlos Silva-Juaregui, World Bank.

11:15   Session 1: Heterogeneous Effects of Economic Shocks on Labor Markets. Chair: Michael Plummer, OECD.

  • Erik Von Uexkull, ILO: "The Roles of Openness and Labor Market Institutions for Employment Dynamics during Economic Crises".
  • David Kaplan, IDB: "Trade and Formal Labor Markets in Northern Mexico during the U.S. Recession
  • Julian Messina, World Bank: "Domestic Inflation and Labor-Market Adjustment: Implications for Macro and Micro Policies"

Keynote:  William F. Maloney, World Bank: "Trade, Employment Transitions, and Income Risk: Emerging Issues in Trade and Employment"

15:00   Session 2:

  • Marion Jansen, ILO: “Adjustment to Trade Liberalization”
  • David Kupfer, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro: “Brazil Case Study”
  • Nanno Mulder, UN ECLAC and ILO: “Trade Openness and Wage Gaps in Chile”
  • José Antonio Rodriguez Lopez, University of California and Consultant to OECD: “Trade and Occupational Employment in Mexico Since NAFTA”.

Discussant: Guido Porto, Universidad Nacional de la Plata, Argentina

Wednesday, June 15

10:00   Session 3:  International Integration, Informality and Job Quality / Chair: Osvaldo Rosales, UN ECLAC.

  • Raymond Robertson, Macalester College: "Globalization, Wages and Quality of Jobs: El Salvador and Honduras"
  • Marc Bacchetta, WTO: "Globalization and Informal Jobs in Developing Countries"
  • Juan De Laiglesia, OECD Development Center: "Trade, structural change and informality"

Discussant: Gerhard Reinecke, ILO.

14:30   Session 4: Trade, Poverty and Inequality / Chair: William F. Maloney, World Bank

  • Julio Guzman, IDB: "Trade and Poverty in Latin America: What Do We Know?"
  • Marcelo Lafleur, UN ECLAC: "First-Order Effects of Liberalization on Real Wages: Chile"
  • Daniel Lederman, World Bank: "Who Suffers the Burden of Adjustment? Returns to Schooling and Business Cycles in Latin America"

Discussant: Oscar Landerretche, University of Chile.

17:00   Panel: Policy Responses and Labor Market Adjustments in Latin America and the Caribbean / Chairs: Carlos Silva-Jáuregui, World Bank

Panel Presentations by Country Representatives and Social Partners

  • Bruno Baranda - Vice Minister of Labor, Chile.
  • Andrés Concha - Chairman of the Chilean Manufacturers' Society (SOFOFA)
  • Soledad Villafañe - Director of Studies and Macroeconomic Coordination at the Ministry of Labor, Argentina.
  • Jorge Arbache - Senior economic adviser to the President of the Brazilian Development Bank-BNDE (TBC).
  • Roland Schneider- Senior Policy Advisor, Trade Union Advisory Committee (TUAC).