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Yachting in the Eastern Caribbean: a regional overview

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Yachting in the Eastern Caribbean: a regional overview

Auteur institutionnel: NU. CEPAL. Sede Subregional para el Caribe-Países Bajos. Gobierno Description physique: 29 p. : gráfs., tabls. Éditeur: ECLAC Date: Janvier 2004 Symbole: LC/CAR/G.775


Describes the impetus for the Netherlands-funded project NET/00/79 Development of Marine-based Strategy" and the role of the report on Yachting in that venture. Provides working definitions of various yachts, the yachting industry, tourists, and yachting establishments. Discusses generally the relevance of the yachting industry to Caribbean tourism and economies. Explores the human and social dimension of yachting and provides and overview of the environmental issues related to the yachting sector. Identifies the challenges facing the industry, such as lack of recognition, crime, and lack inter-island collaboration. Asserts the need for the creation and implementation of a regional policy and strategy on marine-based tourism, particularly in the area of institutional development."