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Modeling public policies in Latin America and the Caribbean

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Modeling public policies in Latin America and the Caribbean

Auteur institutionnel: NU. CEPAL - BID Description physique: 316 páginas. Éditeur: ECLAC Date: Septembre 2010 Symbole: LC/G.2461 ISBN: 9789211217391


The papers included in this book can be categorized into four main groups. First, we review the usefulness of CGE models for policymakers and discuss the relevance of this tool for international organizations and governments. The second group consists of five papers that assess trade integration scenarios for Latin American countries, with a particular focus not only on macroeconomic indicators but also on socio-economic and welfare variables. The third group of papers presents applications of CGE models in two new areas: climate change and liberalization of services. The final paper offers a practical contribution to general and partial equilibrium analysis by estimating a set of Armington elasticities for the Brazilian economy.

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