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agosto 2018 |
  • Ahcar, Jaime

En este artículo se identifica el potencial comercial entre Colombia y la Unión Europea, tras la entrada en vigor de su acuerdo de libre comercio...

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diciembre 2014 |
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abril 2005 |
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agosto 2001 |
  • Arce, Randall
  • Gitli, Eduardo

The entry of China into the World Trade Organization, if it takes place, will unquestionably have a major impact on many nations. What is focused...

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agosto 2001 |
  • Escaith, Hubert

Population, natural resources and domestic market size have been the traditional components of the equation determining the wealth of nations,...

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agosto 1999 |
  • Agosin, Manuel R.

This study analyses the relations between the noteworthy performance of Chilean exports over the last two decades and the high economic growth...

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abril 1999 |
  • Sáez, Sebastián
  • Valdés, Juan Gabriel

This article looks at the bases, objectives and results of the "lateral" trade policy adopted by Chile in the 1990s. In particular, it...

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agosto 1998 |
  • Salas-Porras, Alejandra

Almost 60% of the biggest non-financial groups in Mexico carry on at least two types of activities in transnational markets. This article...

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abril 1998 |
  • Nunnenkamp, Peter

The pending widening of the European Union to the East has revived concerns in Latin America that Europe may become more inward­looking. However,...

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abril 1998 |
  • Sercovich, Francisco

International experience shows that cost­free replication and adoption of industrial best practices on a universal basis is a misconception....

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agosto 1997 |
  • Tussie, Diana

This study looks at the main obligations arising from the World Trade Organization (WTO); and their repercussions on the design of trade policy....

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agosto 1996 |
  • Harker, Trevor
  • Ould El-Hadj, Sidya Ahmed
  • Souza, Lucio Vinhas de

The Caribbean countries are acutely conscious of their small size, whether judged by one or all of the criteria of land area, population or gross...

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diciembre 1993 |
  • Baumann, Renato

Regional integration has once again become an important issue for Latin America and the Caribbean. Compared with previous experiences, however,...