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diciembre 2008 |
  • Altimir, Oscar

This article analyses the costs in terms of income distribution of the crisis and adjustments of the 1980s, as well as the effects of the...

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agosto 2004 |
  • García, Norberto E.

The growth of high-quality employment needed to reduce the share of informal
occupation and open unemployment in Peru will require an...

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diciembre 2003 |
  • Tokman, Víctor E.

This article puts forth a hypothesis and a challenge.
The hypothesis: structural change in the international economy and in the management...

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abril 2003 |
  • Berry, R. Albert

The author argues that the effectiveness of poverty alleviation instruments largely depends on how poverty is defined. The aim of reducing...

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agosto 1996 |
  • Siri, Gabriel

This article deals with various aspects relating to social investment funds, especially their financing, the sustainability of the resulting...

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agosto 1996 |
  • Rosales V., Osvaldo

ECLAC has submitted an overall assessment of the economic reforms implemented during the past 15 years to the Governments of the region and, based...

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agosto 1993 |
  • Baño, Rodrigo

This article provides an overview of a number of changes that have taken place in the region's economy, together with their effects in terms...