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abril 2004 |
  • Escaith, Hubert

The contagion aspects of the financial and exchange-rate crises in
recent years demonstrate the need to extend the domain of macroeconomic...

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diciembre 2001 |
  • Ocampo, José Antonio

The hundredth anniversary of the birth of Raúl Prebisch
is an invaluable opportunity for us to take another look
at the ideas of this...

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agosto 2001 |
  • Escaith, Hubert

Population, natural resources and domestic market size have been the traditional components of the equation determining the wealth of nations,...

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abril 2001 |
  • Agosin, Manuel R.

The severe international financial crises which rocked the Latin American economies in the 1980s and 1990s suggest that the international...

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diciembre 1995 |
  • Di Filippo, Armando

Trade among the ALADI countries has grown with exceptional vigour so far in the 1990s, especially in the branches of metal products, machinery and...

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diciembre 1995 |
  • Cáceres, Luis René

This article looks at the benefits that Panama could derive from its possible integration with the countries of the Central American Common Market...

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agosto 1995 |
  • Müller, Geraldo

Competitiveness has become one of the main "standards" governing the ever-changing interplay of interests at the international level....

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abril 1995 |
  • Lahera, Eugenio
  • Ottone, Ernesto
  • Rosales V., Osvaldo

There is growing consensus that although a solid, balanced macroeconomic base is a necessary condition for development, it is not of itself enough...

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agosto 1994 |
  • Fuentes, Juan Alberto

Economic integration in Latin America has entered upon a new stage, conditioned by new development strategies undertaken mostly by democratically...

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diciembre 1993 |
  • Baumann, Renato

Regional integration has once again become an important issue for Latin America and the Caribbean. Compared with previous experiences, however,...

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agosto 1993 |
  • Rosenthal, Gert

The renewed interest sparked by the potential for intraregional cooperation in Latin America and the Caribbean today has been reflected in...