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abril 2010 |
  • O'Donovan, David
NU. CEPAL. División de Comercio Internacional e Integración
Secretaría General Iberoamericana

The social partnership process is acknowledged by most independent observers as an important cornerstone underpinning the rapid economic growth...

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diciembre 2005 |

For most developing countries, open regionalism has emerged as quite a sensible response to the undergoing turbulent and asymmetric process of...

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febrero 2005 |
NU. CEPAL. División de Desarrollo Productivo y Empresarial

Resumen Traditionally, economic literature has treated macroeconomic theory separately from the evolution of the microeconomic structure....

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junio 2003 |
Alemania. Gobierno
German Agency for Technical Cooperation
NU. CEPAL. Unidad de Estudios Especiales

Abstract This paper addresses the social effects of macroeconomic volatility in Brazil, as well as the burdens and challenges it has been...

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noviembre 2001 |
NU. CEPAL. Oficina de Buenos Aires

Abstract In the relatively short history of Mercosur, the countries of the region have gone through wide macroeconomic fluctuations....