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diciembre 2002 |
  • Altimir, Oscar
  • Beccaría, Luis Alberto
  • González Rozada, Martín

Over the last quarter-century, the distribution of income in Argentina has deteriorated steadily. This article utilizes microsimulation analysis...

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agosto 2002 |
  • Moguillansky, Graciela

Financial liberalization and the lifting of capital market restrictions have brought in foreign investment and made more financing available for...

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agosto 2002 |
  • Fanelli, José María

The Argentine economy is currently going through the deepest and most prolonged recession of the postwar period: a devastating panorama that...

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abril 2002
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abril 2002 |
  • Chudnovsky, Daniel
  • López, Andrés

In the 1990s,Argentina received large amounts of foreign direct investment and the participation of multinational companies in the country's...