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julio 2012 |
  • Hendrickson, Michael
  • Lugay, Beverly
  • Mulder, Nanno
  • Alvarez, Mariano
  • Pérez Caldentey, Esteban
NU. CEPAL. Sede Subregional para el Caribe

Creative industries have become a new engine of growth and development in the world economy. This dynamic sector, which ranges from traditional...

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diciembre 2011 |
NU. CEPAL. Sede Subregional para el Caribe

This study presents an analysis of innovation in the tourism sector of the Commonwealth of Dominica. The implementation of a questionnaire survey...

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diciembre 2008 |
NU. CEPAL. Oficina de Washington

Over the past decade, a growing number of companies have recognized the business benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies and...