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abril 2011 |
  • Moreira, Tito Belchior S.

This article sets out to empirically determine whether the ratiobetween debt and gross domestic product (GDP); affected real and nominalvariables...

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agosto 2001 |
  • Ribeiro, Marcio Bruno
  • Teixeira, Joanílio Rodolpho

This article analyses the main determinants of private-sector investment in Brazil during the period 1956-1996, using an empirical model employed...

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abril 1999 |
  • Cruz, Bruno de Oliveira
  • Teixeira, Joanílio Rodolpho

This article analyses the impact of public investment on private investment. Apart from purely ideological aspects, two opposing interpretations...

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diciembre 1997 |
  • Carvalho, Ruy de Quadros
  • Costa, Ionara
  • Consoni, Flávia Luciane
  • Costa, Janaína Pamplona da
  • Queiroz, Sérgio Robles Reis de

This article aims to classify and analyze the efforts at structural change made in the Brazilian motor industry between 1990 and 1996, seeking to...