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Caribbean synthesis report on the implementation of the Lisbon Declaration on Youth Policies and Programmes

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Autor: Camarinhas, Catarina - Eversley, Dwynette D. Signatura: LC/CAR/TS.2020/1 102 p. Editorial: ECLAC febrero 2020


The Subregional review of youth policies and strategies in the Caribbean offers an overview of national policies on youth in 29 Caribbean states and territories that are members or associate members of ECLAC. The report aims at providing a comprehensive review of the state of youth policies and programmes in the Caribbean, its current operational status, and the involvement of youth in guiding future implementation, including enhancing the understanding of the complex and multifaceted challenges facing youth empowerment, based on a set of international and subregional standards for youth policies.


Abstract .-- Introduction .-- I. Overview of the current situation regarding youth in the Caribbean. A. Demographic snapshot. B. Youth unemployment. C. Poverty among the youth. D. Youth and education. E. Impact of crime on youth. F. Adolescent fertility rates in the Caribbean. G. HIV/AIDS among young women and adolescent girls. H. Youth development in the Caribbean. I. The role of youth policy in youth development.

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