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12/Dic2017 |
Port of Spain, Trinidad y Tobago | Reuniones y seminarios técnicos
Implemented under the ECLAC/ United Nations Development Account project: Logistics integration for a more sustainable exploitation of natural resources in Latin America and the Caribbean
25 - 26/mayo2017 |
Kingston, Jamaica | Reuniones y seminarios técnicos
ECLAC, with the support of the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) and the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) is currently developing a Database for Energy Efficiency Indicators (BIEE) for the Caribbean.
8/Sep2016 |
Port of Spain, Trinidad y Tobago | Reuniones y seminarios técnicos
The project entitled “Sustainable Energy in the Caribbean: Reducing the Carbon Footprint in the Caribbean through the Promotion of Energy Efficiency (EE) and the Use of Renewable Energy (RE) Technologies” seeks to strengthen the capacity of Caribbean countries in the areas of energy efficiency and...
17 - 18/mayo2016 |
Port of Spain, Trinidad y Tobago | Reuniones y seminarios técnicos
To date the technical work of the project has benefitted from inputs from Consultants, national energy policy makers, ECLAC specialists, and Regional Partners. It is anticipated that the technical and institutional resources of all of these partners would be applied in hosing this dialogue and...
18 - 19/Ago2015 |
Santiago, Chile | Reuniones y seminarios técnicos
The MIT Sloan Latin America Office is partnering with the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean to host a regional conference on energy game changers and the future of energy in Latin America, which is carried out in the framework of the UN Secretary General’s...
9 - 13/Jun2008 |
Santo Domingo, República Dominicana | Períodos de sesiones
El trigésimo segundo período de sesiones de la Comisión Económica para América Latina y el Caribe (CEPAL) tuvo lugar en Santo Domingo, República Dominicana, del 9 al 13 de junio de 2008. Los Estados miembros, mediante la resolución 631 (XXXI) aprobada en el trigésimo primer período de sesiones de...