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23/Ago2018 |
Online, El Caribe | Reuniones intergubernamentales
Organized by ECLAC, CARICOM and the OECS, the webinar aims to present the content of the Regional Agreement to Caribbean government delegates involved in the signature and ratification process and offer an opportunity to discuss queries with legal experts.
26/abr2018 |
Gros Islet, Santa Lucía | Reuniones intergubernamentales
This year the Caribbean Development Roundtable (CDR) takes a frontal look at four major issues facing the region with a view to identifying workable solutions to address them successfully.
23/Jun2017 |
Roseau, Dominica | Reuniones intergubernamentales
The objective of the workshop will be to raise awareness on environmental democracy and access rights as well as review the current Principle 10 negotiation process and build the capacities of government officials in Dominica in view of the future adoption of a regional agreement on this matter.
20 - 21/Jun2017 |
St. George's, Granada | Reuniones intergubernamentales
The objectives of the seminar are to raise awareness on Principle 10 of the Rio Declaration and provide information on its implementation in the Caribbean sub-region; examine the steps required for its effective implementation into domestic laws, regulations and policies in Grenada, and discuss the...
31/Oct - 4/Nov2016 |
Basseterre, Saint Kitts and Nevis | Reuniones intergubernamentales