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Background about the Executive Committee

Representatives of the Executive Committee, 2020-2021





1. Nature: 
The Statistical Conference of the Americas of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean shall set up an Executive Committee to support the Conference, as set forth in paragraph 4 below.

2. Composition: 
The Executive Committee shall be made up of a Chairperson and six members. Its members shall be elected from among the member countries of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean. Special attention shall be paid to ensuring that the sub-regional groups of countries are represented on the Committee.

3. Election of the Executive Committee and terms of office: 
At the beginning of each Conference, the Chairperson of the Executive Committee, in consultation with the members of the Executive Committee and of the Conference, shall draw up a proposal on the election of the new Committee. The newly elected Executive Committee shall take up its duties once the regular meeting of the Conference at which it was elected has ended, and shall remain in office until the end of the next regular meeting. The members of the Executive Committee, including the Chairperson, shall be elected by the Conference at its regular meeting for a term of two years. The members of the Executive Committee may be re-elected for three successive terms. The Chairperson may not be re-elected in that office for a second consecutive term, but may be elected as a member of the Committee. Anyone who has been a member of the Committee for three successive terms may be elected again after two years have elapsed since the end of that person's last term of office.

4. Duties: 
The Executive Committee shall have the following duties:
a) To carry out the tasks assigned to it by the Conference;
b) To draw up, every two years, a biennial programme of activities of regional and international cooperation on statistical matters, to be submitted at the regular meeting of the Conference;
c) To follow up the implementation of the agreements reached at the Conference and the tasks entrusted to it by the Conference, particularly the biennial programme of activities referred to in section 1, paragraph 2 (c), above;
d) To decide on the documentation required for its meetings. As a general rule, no substantive discussion shall be initiated unless an appropriate document is available. The secretariat shall be responsible for facilitating compliance with this rule.

5. Meetings: 
The Executive Committee shall meet at least twice during the interval between regular meetings of the Conference. At the meeting preceding the Conference, it shall approve a biennial programme of activities of the Conference, which shall be presented at the regular meeting of the Conference. The Executive Committee may invite to its meetings any countries or experts who can make a contribution to the fulfillment of its duties.