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Research Assistance


Research Assistance

Need help locating a difficult to find book? Do you want to be sure you have exhausted all the available resources? Maybe you are trying to define a new area of interest for your team? We’re here to help you.

We provide research assistance in order to help researchers with the identification, gathering  and selection of the  more pertinent resources to your information needs about specific subjects, no matter how complex they are.

There is a wide variety of information sources and resources which might be overwhelming for the user who has just begun to explore them. We can guide you in the use of research engines, electronic resources, electronic journals, online catalogs, and the digital repository.

Liaison Program

The Library has developed a Liaison Program oriented to help ECLAC staff members to solve their doubts and special needs in information matters. A professional Librarian will be focused in your area of expertise, searching and evaluating the best information sources for your projects and areas of interest. We can help you with:

  • searching, gathering and organization of timely information, focused on research programmes and projects.
  • your detailed/specialized requests, and training sessions / workshops about resources and databases
  • evaluation and selection of new bibliographic material according to your Division’s needs.
  • customization of instruments and tools to ease the dissemination and increase visibility of the current research in your division.
  • the development of research guides to help not only in your personal work, but also the work of the community who receives the Commission’s work.


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