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September 2022 |
NU. CEPAL. Sede Subregional para el Caribe

The Caribbean faces multidimensional vulnerabilities driven by climate change and aggravated by Small Island Developing States’ natural and...

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February 2021 |
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December 2020 |
  • Bresser Pereira, Luiz Carlos

This article analyses the effects of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) on Brazil’s
population and economy, including its high mortality rate...

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August 2020

International financial cooperation to address the Latin American economic crisis / José Antonio Ocampo .-- Mapping social conflicts in natural...

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December 2019

Competitiveness and its determinants: a systemic analysis for developing countries / Victor Medeiros, Lucas Gonçalves Godoi and Evandro Camargos...

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December 2019 |
  • Muinelo-Gallo, Leonel
  • Urraburu Bordon, Joana
  • Castro Scavone, Pablo

This article conducts an empirical analysis of the role of intergovernmental transfers in a group of regions (departments) in Uruguay during the...

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January 2019 |
  • Tromben, Varinia
  • Podestá, Andrea

En este documento se presentan estimaciones del gasto público dirigido a la infancia en nueve países de América Latina. Los componentes en que se...

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December 2018
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August 2018 |
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December 2017 |
  • Pebe, Carol
  • Radas, Norally
  • Torres, Javier

This study seeks to determine whether access to a larger volume of funds from the mining canon affects the level of capital spending by district...

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December 2017