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September 2022 |
  • Robles, Adriana

Los datos indican que la homogamia educativa aumenta cuanto mayor es la
desigualdad económica. Una mayor desigualdad podría incrementar la...

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March 2022 |
  • Monroy, Juan Manuel
  • Ramírez Jaramillo, Juan Carlos
  • Núñez Méndez, Jairo

Este documento describe y cuantifica el contexto demográfico y el perfil de la pobreza económica en Colombia en lo corrido del siglo XXI, a partir...

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December 2021
Publication cover
August 2021 |
  • Velázquez Orihuela, Daniel

The economic globalization that began in the late 1970s and early 1980s has generated job insecurity for workers. This coincides with two trends:...

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August 2021
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April 2021 |
  • Candia Cid, Jessica
  • Merino Escobar, José
  • Bustos, Claudio
  • Martínez, David

The social inequality associated with the current pattern of income distribution in Chile remains a subject of interest, as much remains to be...

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October 2020 |

This document, presented by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) to its member States at its thirty-eighth session...

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December 2020 |
  • Bull, Benedicte
  • Robles Rivera, Francisco

The literature is divided on the impact of pandemics on income inequality. The
economic literature points to an increase in inequality as a...

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December 2020 |
  • Palma, José Gabriel

This article returns to the Ricardian tradition of understanding income distribution as the outcome of an “antagonistic” conflict with a...