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April 1998

This edition of the FAL Bulletin deals with maritime transport in the Caribbean and focuses on structural changes in liner shipping and its impact...

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March 1998

The first Latin American meeting of bodies responsible for the supervision, control and regulation of land transport, organized jointly by the...

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February 1998

Over the past three years, talks conducted at the subregional level have led to the signing of multimodal transport agreements, and these have...

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January 1998

This edition of the Bulletin deals with road maintenance, funds and fund management. Among other things, it emphasizes, the need to manage road...

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December 1997

The present and subsequent editions of the Bulletin will deal with the issue of road maintenance, its close connection with transport costs and...

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October 1997

An ECLAC document to be published in the near future examines a subject that has become a frequent topic of discussion in recent years,...

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June 1997

Most railways in Latin America were built by private firms, often foreign owned. Over time, owing to a combination of nationalizations and...

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March 1997

In that decade, a different solution was required, because the Latin American economies, with only a few exceptions, were already regulated,...

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February 1997

Every port is unique. Although all ports exist for the same basic purpose (to act as an interface in the transfer from one mode of transport to...

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September 1996 |
NU. CEPAL. Unidad de Transporte

This edition of the Bulletin highlights sections of a recent study carried out by the Transport Unit of ECLAC on behalf of the Institute for Latin...

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April 1993