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Publication cover
September 2023

En este documento se examina la evolución de la Muestra Trimestral de Comercio Exterior de Servicios en Colombia desde sus inicios en 2008, así...

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December 2022


Publication cover
December 2022 |
  • Bekerman, Marta
  • Dulcich, Federico
  • Gaite, Pedro

This article analyses how trade and investment relations between Argentina and China have evolved in the post-convertibility period. In the case...

Publication cover
August 2022 |
  • Durán Lima, José Elías
  • Banacloche, Santacruz

This manual summarizes the theoretical bases of the input-output model applied in the economic analysis of countries and groups of countries (...

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June 2022 |

As part of the repositioning of the economies of the subregion, economic diversification, and structural change are vital. To achieve these, the...

Publication cover
July 2021 |
  • Escaith, Hubert

This article proposes a new formulation of constant market share (CMS) trade analysis inspired by the statistical principles supporting revealed...

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April 2021 |
  • Da Costa, Kaio Glauber Vital
  • Castilho, Marta Reis
  • Puchet Anyul, Martín

Starting in the 1980s, Brazil and Mexico adopted diverging trade and production strategies, which had significant effects on their respective...

Publication cover
January 2020 |
  • Lalanne, Alvaro
  • Sánchez, Guillermo

El presente documento busca contribuir a mejorar el conocimiento de las metodologías de evaluación de impacto de la política comercial,...