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April 2015 |
  • Manuelito, Sandra
  • Jiménez, Luis Felipe

Estimates of investment and its components in Latin America over the past 30 years are used to review stylized facts relating to investment and...

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August 2008 |
  • Santiso, Javier

The corporate world has changed remarkably in the past 10 years.New multinationals are appearing in countries with emerging marketssuch as Brazil...

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December 2006 |
  • Calderón Hoffmann, Alvaro

Chilean retail firms have succeeded in developing solid competitive advantages based on a business model that captures synergies from the joint...

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April 2003 |
  • Kerner, Daniel

This paper analyses the role assigned to foreign direct investment and transnational corporations in the ECLAC development project, examining the...

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August 2002 |
  • Moguillansky, Graciela

Financial liberalization and the lifting of capital market restrictions have brought in foreign investment and made more financing available for...

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August 1998 |
  • Figueroa, Adolfo

Is the degree of competitiveness of countries independent of their degree of inequality? Is competitiveness only a question of microeconomic and...

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April 1998 |
  • Nunnenkamp, Peter

The pending widening of the European Union to the East has revived concerns in Latin America that Europe may become more inward­looking. However,...

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December 1995 |
  • Di Filippo, Armando

Trade among the ALADI countries has grown with exceptional vigour so far in the 1990s, especially in the branches of metal products, machinery and...

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August 1995 |
  • Sprout, Ronald V.A.

This study examines "South-South" economic relations in the context of regionalism. It covers three Latin American countries and eight...

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December 1993 |
  • Buitelaar, Rudolf
  • Mertens, Leonard

Latin American manufacturing industry has undergone various changes in recent years. It has registered a favourable performance as far as exports...

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December 1993 |
  • Mortimore, Michael

The constitution of a new international industrial order dominated by a core of large transnational corporations generally makes life more...