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August 2019 |
  • Fernández Domínguez, Amilcar O.
  • Gómez Hernández, Denise

This article adapts a multidimensional index of the well-being of the population in the Mexican States, based on the recommendations of the...

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December 2012 |
NU. CEPAL. División de Desarrollo Social

Este informe forma parte de una serie de estudios de caso nacionales cuyo propósito es difundir el conocimiento sobre la situación actual de los...

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November 2011 |

In October 2009 CELADE, together with the Population Division of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs and in the context...

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August 2010 |
  • Del Hierro, Patricia
  • Alarco Tosoni, Germán

This article discusses various hypotheses relating to the originand operation of business groups in Mexico, and it proposes a model toexplain the...

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December 2009 |
NU. CEPAL. Subsede de México

This study consists of two substantive components that provide an overview of the different methodologies currently being applied...

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December 2006 |
  • Durston, John
  • López, Eduardo

Setting out from a survey of the theoretical postulates of social capital, the present paper analyses the utility and scope of this approach for...

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April 2005 |
  • Cortés, Fernando
  • Escobar Latapí, Agustín

This article assesses changes in absolute and relative
opportunities of access to the upper strata of the urban social and

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April 2004 |
  • Davis, Benjamin
  • Handa, Sudhanshu
  • Soto, Humberto

Before the 1995 crisis, Mexico had registered over a decade of
improvements in human development indicators. Using decomposition techniques...